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This year the Visual Art’s program will have an emphasis on enabling students to build their confidence to communicate through their creations; with a focus on Creating and Making artworks; and Exploring and Responding to various stimuli. Students will continue develop an appreciation for the visual arts through exploring other artists and their own art making.

The Visual Arts program at Kororoit Creek Primary School for 2016 will encourage students to inquire into art mediums and the vital skills needed to be successful in their art making.

Some of the art mediums and skills we will be inquiring into will include:

– Painting
– Drawing
– Printmaking
– Sculpture (clay)
– Textiles
– Mixed media

This program will incorporate the AusVels and PYP framework to develop the arts curriculum and to further support students in becoming independent learners. Students will be exposed to varyious inspiration including a range of artists and literature, as well as making authentic connections to classroom Units of Inquiry.

Art Essential Agreements


Prep- Year Six Essential Agreements

19 thoughts on “Home

  1. I have already completed one of my art pictures for this holiday homework.It is really fun. #love to draw!
    Dear Dianne,
    Can we do more than three drawings in our art journal??
    From Alexis

    • Hi Alexis,

      Glad you are enjoying the art homework! You can do more than three drawings in your visual diary- the more practise the better! Don’t forget to continue practising in your visual diary during the school term too! Looking forward to seeing what you have done in your visual diary! 🙂


  2. Jess, I really like how we were doing the continuous line drawing because I liked how I was trying to draw mr potatoe head. I wonder if we can do more continuos line drawing for fun.

    Joan H41

    • Hey Joan,

      Keep practising your continuous line drawing in your visual diary and feel free to come to art club on Monday and Friday lunch times to explore more mediums to include in you continuous line drawing. Your continuous line drawing was very impressive and would love to see more!!

      Jess 🙂

  3. Hey Dianne! How are you? i know that the art show was on and I couldn’t go so I was wondering if you could tell me about it? Thanks!

    From Tiana, H33

    • Hi Tiana,

      Sorry you couldn’t make it! It was a great night with lots of beautiful artworks on display. Don’t forget if you would still like to purchase your artwork to speak with your homeroom teacher!

      Dianne 🙂

  4. hi jess can’t wait to finish our vincent vango artworks are we going over them with pastels on Thursday

    from Myra H42

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